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"Aeron" Passenger Safety Is Our Main Priority

In recent years, the aviation industry has become the top choice of people from different classes to travel. Just look at the holiday season arrives. Almost all airports in various regions of the world are busy serving passengers whose numbers are increasing every year.

Competition in the aviation sector business around the world is also getting tighter as the growth of transportation service sector grew. Airlines compete each other to provide the best service, flight expansion routes, in order to gain the sympathy of passengers. The main objective is one, mastering the national and international aviation market.

But it is unfortunate, despite the fact that we have so much trouble to deal with in air travel. With over 100,000 flights made each day, with over 2 million safety lives maintained, security is still a major concern. When we look back, the accidents associated with air transport averaged about 3302 per year. What is the cause? Of course mainly due to human factor negligence.

Do not stop there, we can also see some common problems. Such as pilots who lack experience, because flight log records can be easily forged. This is also exacerbated by the practice of "pay-fly". Aircraft operators also often give problems because it is less accurate in reporting flight hours.

We also face database interruption, resulting in modification or distortion of data. This can be seen by the many systems in the play-airlines themselves, many isolated home data systems from the passenger service to the management crew-data exchange is not always smooth. In the aviation industry, not only operational integrity and revenue generation are at stake when things go wrong, but even more important, as well as security and security. Protecting data privacy is a clear issue when it comes to passenger records, flight information and crew. Not to mention the security implications that are being played today if these data are not well protected. Therefore Aeron present try to provide solutions to the problem.

Aeron is a new standard in aviation safety. Aeron is a flight professional. which for 11 years has been operating very well. Aeron educates, trains, and develops flight crew training with aeronautical programs and databases. Aeron continues to innovate with the latest blockchain technology that will create the future of aviation safety. Blockchain technology will be able to protect itself from data forgery. The advantage of this system is that the information will be safely stored and completely transparent to all users. It's secured by multi-sig authentication system, preventing vital data changes.

Aeron aims to create "airlines within a pocket" - an intelligent block-based solution. It works in a very simple way, with just a mobile app that can be used by pilots and companies to conduct private flight cancellations, collect and verify data from aircraft operators, maintenance organizations, flight schools and basic fixed operators.

If a data mismatch exists between Aeron data with an air traffic controller, pilot, or carrier, the authorized flight authority can quickly detect and eliminate the problem. The aviation authority can also detect pilots operating with outdated licenses. As a consumer, or flight school student, you have access to a verifiable global database via

The blockchain technology that works in this platform can really make the difference between Aeron and others. Air travel can now be enjoyed for everyone, and it is beneficial for everyone to get involved making the trip safer. Blockchain technologies with security packs are very different and differ less risky, but the approach is transparent to manage and share this information through the use of authorized access requirements.

Aeron comes in the form of a digital currency in the form of a token named ARN. The ARN Token will go on sale from September 19, 2017 to October 23, 2017. There will be a total of 100,000,000 ARN tokens to be created, with 1 ARN equivalent to 0.5 $. Purchases can be made with foreign digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. There will be a token purchase bonus for a certain period of time. The token allocation itself is shared based on the team and developer agreement with the following divisions:

Aeron is the fruit of teamwork led by Artem Orange in collaboration with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing professionals who are experienced and experienced in their respective fields. who strive to give their best abilities in this project.

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