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"HireMatch" Recruitment Process Blockchain Tech Employees

Innovation that continues to grow indirectly it can mengengarui someone in his life. Competition goes hand in hand, one always driving the other. Similarly, in the recruitment industry work has horizontally implemented this system.

The job board is an important part of the recruitment process. Employers and job seekers use these boards as the primary method of getting qualified employees. Although job boards have changed over the past 15 years, one thing remains the same, all using a "centralized" business, centering on the app (website) as a place to find information. For example:,, and so on.

Centralized systems directly control the operation and flow of information from one center. This heritage site is centralized and very little to find qualified applicants through high-powered social networking machines and other information sources. This site is time consuming and can be too complicated for users, especially when they are reflected onto the company's homepage repeatedly. In addition, these sites are not fast enough for a thousand millennium workforce. Currently there is an ICO project that seeks to address the problem, with blockchain technology implemented in the system. is a Decentralization Application (DApp) that will eliminate friction and third-party intermediary fees such as expensive recruiters, as companies seek for HireMatch talent will reduce the cost of searching, interviewing and gaining new employees by removing unnecessary friction and creating a market more efficient incentivising "Agents" with an ERC20 token called "SEWA".

HireMatch has a mission to revolutionize and disrupt the recruitment industry by improving the quality of the current job market worldwide, reducing costs across the board, improving employee quality and creating human communities. HireMatch's main goal is not to compete directly with other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others, but to provide solutions and support for current woes on the job board and the recruitment industry

HireMatch works with innovative smart contracts to exchange money, property, shares, or something of value in a transparent and conflict-free manner while avoiding a middleman service, in the case of Smart contracts contain code that can be used to make decisions, store data, and send cryptocurrency to others. The Smart Contract will make an offer, provided by the ethereum network, run automatically. The public can participate or audit all of HireMatch's smart contracts at Github. Simple and very easy to use.

HireMatch comes in the form of a digital currency named HIRE token. HIRE tokens will start in the market starting on October 1, 2017 - October 31, 2017 (just 1 month only). There will be a total of 100,000,000 HIRE tokens to be created by the team and the developer, at a price of 1800 HIRE tokens equivalent to 1 Ethereum (4 million Rupiah / current prices). The purchase of tokens can be done with other digital currencies such as, Ethereum.

HireMatch is the fruit of teamwork led by Armando Pantoja and Chad Kettering as a Co Founder in collaboration with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing professionals who are experienced and experienced in their respective fields. who strive to give their best abilities in this project.

Expected Through Token (HIRE), we will apply the democratization of the labor market. By using and implementing this platform, agents will receive rewards in the form of HIRE tokens, reinforcing people and away from large corporate job boards.

Such is the Instant Info on the ICO of this project. For more information, please visit their official website below:

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