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"Genesis Vision" Improves Business Trust Management

Trust is one of the important things owned by a person or business entity, so that what we do can be liked or entrusted by others to us. Good in everyday life even in business. Rapid industrial growth leads to a trust management mechanism that must be owned by a business entity in order to attract investors to want to join in the business they build.

Business confidence management is the ability of individuals to manage and attract the sympathy of others for the utilization of business interests in order to achieve maximum profit. The management of this business confidence is incapable of being owned and owned by all managers in general. This management function is more utilized by the perpetrators of marketing management. By him it is generally the company indirectly utilize the marketing force to perform and melaksnakan function trust company's business management.

Today many fraud cases are circulating in the confidence management market that has been detected in recent years. Many ways and modes are created under the guise of currencies, stocks and other assets in the trade. Fraudsters use the fact that technology can be used to guarantee trust in fund management by default, but is very complicated and non-transparent to the user. The absence of transparency resulted in customers losing their money overnight, and investor confidence in the overall market started to fall.

The natural reaction during this situation is to tighten the rules in this area. Companies now have to travel long and expensive to get licenses for their trust management activities. Correct companies must implement complex and costly reporting in conducting system audits and making serious restrictions on investors. For 10 years, the mechanism of interaction between participating markets did not change significantly. This shows the need for a new technology in changing the current situation.

Genesis Vision is a decentralized trust management platform built in blockchain technology with smart smart contracts. Genesis Vision builds an exchanger, broker, trader, and investor into a centralized blockchain, open and secure network that will make financial markets worldwide.

The presence of blockchain technology will provide much-needed benefits, such as openness, certainty, and censorship-all information stored, while smart contracts, which will bring investment out in the profit industry, make this process truly transparent and open. The process of transferring funds to managers is done by purchasing a cryptocurrency manager in the internal exchange. Genesis Vision will represent the same open source, which can be relied upon in seeking information about the participant's stastistic activities in networks and systems that are completely transparent in profitable investments.

Of course you will ask, what would be my advantage if I joined Genesis Vision. Of course Genesis Vision will benefit the customer as much as possible. Genesis Vision itself divides the three parts for each person who joins, depending on the capabilities you want to be in the project.

  •  Profit for Investors. Investors have access to managers from around the world. Information that will at any time be updated on trading and profits wherever and whenever. Set manager is not limited by money instruments. The existence of investment facilities of cryptocoins and fiat currency both for purchase and sale. There is a better availability of investment portfolio for any request (high risk, low risk, etc.). Investors have additional protection, due to the fact that all managers have a real trading history that can not be falsified. Profit sharing is completely transparent and open

  •  Advantages for Personal Manager and Fund. There is an increased opportunity to attract investors from any country, regardless of whether they are clients of the same broker or not. Transparency and fairness Development Report ensures fair competition between all Manager. There are excellent opportunities to improve your own trading strategy to attract more inves tors. There is an increasing investor confidence, due to the guarantee of transparency, which will result in an increase in the average investor's check. Managers release their own brand cryptocurrency, which can be traded freely by the investor.

  •  Advantages For Brokers. The company becomes centralized and represented by all member networks. Brokers have the opportunity to attract investors from all over the world. Participation in the network is free of identical terms for all participants. The system does not require any information about the client base of the broker. Brokers have the right to do marketing, using any method to attract managers and establish trading conditions of managers.

Genesis Vision will be present in the form of a digital currency named GVT (Genesis Vision Token) which has the ERC20 Ethereum platform, which will go on sale on 15 September 2017 to 15 October 2017. There will be a total of 44,000,000 GVT tokens that will made, at a price of 1 GVT equivalent to 1 USD. Purchases can be made with foreign digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others with a maximum sale of approximately 33,000,000 USD. Token allocation is divided according to the team and developer agreement with details as follows:

Genesis Vision is the result of teamwork led by Ruslan Kamensky in collaboration with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing professionals who are experienced and experienced in their respective fields. who strive to give their best abilities in this project.

Genesis Vision believes that using blockchain technology will make it easier for investors to trust the management market to achieve transparency and efficiency at the technological level. This will help to regain confidence in the market. In addition, it will attract the attention of new companies and new investors from the digital generation. This is also supported by the ICO certificate which states that Genesis Vision is one of the ICO that can not be underestimated.

Such is the Instant Info on the ICO of this project. For more information, please visit their official website below:

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