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"Lockchain" Market Ecosystem With Soaring Economy Highly Based Hotel Reservations

Economic decentralization is one of the main factors that is quite daunting to any market segment. In this unstable ecosystem, even one trivial problem is able to make the current of the economy change. This change of course concludes the various impacts that have little effect and influence on global economic business, especially in the investment factor.

As already known, various investment businesses nowadays have each platform that is able to support the activities of financial and other activities such as converting the original currency into digital currency or commonly called cryptocurrency. However, it is not merely the solution because some platforms are required to pay a certain nominal amount to achieve maximum functionality or simply to open the available versions in the trial version.

However, not all platforms are used only by depositing a certain nominal but there is also an investment platform that always mingle with providing full version without asking for rewards like LockChain, this co. On the vision of the main mission. Lockchain is built on the openness which can be used by anyone in this world for free. Some branches even provide free sources or free resources for applications and platforms that are at the core of a business itself.

LockChain is a decentralized opensource ordering technology and integrated marketplace, where hotel and property businesses can lease their properties globally, raise money and manage reservations without paying commissions to intermediaries. This is the place to book a place to stay for your next trip - hotel, private property or even a portion of a private property.

The intended lockchain in a decentralized platform, built on the Ethereum VM platform, will be an open source and used for free by the public. The market will be web-based and integrated into blockchain. Lockchain tries to enter the Online Travel Agency industry, dominated by well established intermediaries such as Booking.com and Airbnb.com. Hoteliers and Property owners are forced to use their centralized platform, paying 10-25% commissions. Lockchain is here to remove this commission and add this value to the customer.

Property owners will receive their rent using Token Lockchain (LOC) in a transparent, secure, non-believing and noncommittal manner. They will be able to transfer existing property lists with one click, add new ones using easy-to-use panels, manage all lists and increase sales with dashboard data and in-depth analysis by Lockchain. This will make it easier for travelers to be empowered to book the same list but 10-25% cheaper, thanks to blockchain technology, skip online travel agencies as the current middleman.

Some opinions suggest that the lockchain consists of several pillars that became a major milestone binsis platform that is able to change the course of this global economy. The pillars are divided into several structures and layers:

  • Different user interface, in lockchain platform, responsive based application has different interface on android platform and also mac or windows platform.

  •  A strong backend, of course, a backend can be a benchmark of the power of the plaque itself. In this case lockchain can store all even the hardest data such as video, sound, and other content.

  • Decentralize layer blockchain, using renewable technology. Lockchain can store addresses, personal data, and various things about users who get a secure guarantee.

Lockchain comes in the form of a digital currency named LOC token. The LOC Token will go on sale from October 26, 2017 to November 30, 2017. There will be a total of 100,000,000 LOC tokens that will be provided by teams and developers, at a price of 1 Ethereum equivalent denganga 600 - 750 LOC tokens. Lockchain itself accepts token purchases with other digital currencies such as Ethereum.

This LOC Token will later become the identity of this project and may be owned, traded or exchanged for other digital currencies in predetermined markets. In addition, the LOC token is an integral part of our ecosystem and will be a utility token that provides access to clients and hotel owners to the decentralized LOC ledger. Where this will be a means to book hotel accommodation and accommodation, rental property, and related services. The home or company owner accepts this crypto currency form and can withdraw it from the LockChain.co market or other marketplace integrated with a decentralized Ledger.

Lockchain is the result of teamwork led by Nikola Alexandrov who works with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing professionals who are experienced and experienced in their respective fields. who strive to give their best abilities in this project. In addition, Lockchain consists of several teams, and some super teams. Team teams that have been established, slowly land will implement a new system that is being rampant applied for the creation of qualified individuals.

So, this is Instant Short info about ICO Lockchain project, if you are interested in this offer please visit their page below and you also can know the development of the ICO project:

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