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"Zeus" Coping with Blockchain Technological Environmental pollution

Progress of times does have many benefits, but sometimes if not addressed carefully, will cause many masalgka ah, especially environmental problems. Without us knowing, we live in this world, has contributed 300 kg of garbage per year. The amount is very extraordinary when compared with the size of our body each person.

Major cities around the world become one of the largest contributors. Thousands of tons of waste have been dumped into landfills every day, where unprocessed waste is increasing in number. In the last few decades people around the world have realized - whether humans win trash, or trash destroys people. Samaph households become one of the most contributing sources of waste in the world.

Several ways have been done to deal with this problem, but the most effective way to reduce the amount of waste is to recycle garbage. But do we believe that the processing plant also provides waste in the form of waste recycled waste? What if this keeps happening? do we want our lives to co-exist with waste?

Zeus is here trying to solve the problem, using blockchain technology that is currently being used by many big companies in the world today. Zeus is the first company to offer innovative approaches in the field of waste recycling. The main difference between companies is the recycling of waste into electricity, which is used for mining cryptocurrencies, thus contributing to the development of the world's crypto economy and decentralization system. Heat energy generated by mining and processing, as well as other byproducts of recycling is used by the Government to serve the needs of the population. "Green production" is uniquely created in terms of applying technological perspectives on the use of waste and generated products - electricity and further recycled into cryptocurrencies by mining, which is an inevitable evolution of financial and ecological phenomena.

Zeus works by working with business people, which business people will benefit from every investment made. While running a business project we can combine environmental aspects into one container within the ZeusToken project to be created by the team. In essence the Zeus project will implement the construction of a factory waste recycling project that also generates electricity from waste products and uses it for mining in the world.

With a total power of 38.648.000 kwh / year is expected to generate income of 13k btc over a year and get a profit of approximately 53,000,000 billion euros. It's fantastic to participate and be part of that much profit. A good thing is to keep the environment while gaining profit in Zeus Eco Crypto Mining.

Zeus comes in the form of a digital currency named Zeus token. The Zeus Token will go on sale from October 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017. There will be as many as 50.3 million Zeus tokens to be made, at a price of 1 Zeus token equivalent to 0.1 - 0.9 Euro depending on the time of purchase. The purchase of tokens can be done with Ethereum and Euro.

Zeus is the fruit of teamwork led by Alexander Pilipenko in collaboration with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing professionals who are experienced and experienced in their respective fields. who strive to give their best abilities in this project. The team that holds the Zeus project is a team that has been experienced for 5 years in recycling garbage.

Funds accumulated in the ico period will be used in various ways as needed for project developments such as land purchase, construction structures for sewage plants and mining plants, components for assembly of mining personnel, equipment for waste treatment, packaging and loading equipment.

Such is the Instant Info on the ICO of this project. For more information, please visit their official website below:

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