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"Hut34" A.I's Intelligence in Decentralized Businesses

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Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the branches of Science related to the use of machines to solve complex problems in a more humane way. This is usually done by following / emulating the characteristics and analogy of thinking of human intelligence / intelligence, and applying it as an algorithm known by the computer. With a more flexible and efficient approach, this machine's capability can be taken depending on the needs, which affect how the behavior of artificial intelligence exists. AI is usually associated with Computer Science, but also closely related to other fields such as Mathematics, Psychology, Business, Observation, Biology, Philosophy, and others. The ability to combine knowledge from all these areas will ultimately benefit the advancement in creating an artificial intelligence.

Currently we are living in a digital world that is undergoing a massive change. The growth of the global population, the adoption of massive digital life, and the ever-increasing ability of being a separate record in storing information about the current flow of internet data volume data. Just imagine the estimated internet data traffic has reached 61,000 Gbps by 2020.

The Internet of Things (IOT) has an unprecedented global economic economic impact. Measurement and collection data has grown at an exponential rate. This market stands devoted to hardware, software and comprehensive solutions is expected to be worth more than $ 470 by 2020. Data monetization is always widespread today but only in a few people. Companies like Apple, Google and Amazon make use of their data sets to centralize both control and economic knowledge for financial gain.

Nowadays an idea comes in the form of an ICO project that tries to solve the problem. Hut34 is an ICO project that seeks to realize the open ethos of computing and through the use of distributed ledger technology. Hut34 aims to distribute the power of data, information, and knowledge from the hands of several people to be sent to many people.

The Hut34 network aims to be a channel that links Silo decentralization in the world of data, information and knowledge through network nodes or "Huts". The network will be open to all those who want to join Hunt34, and economic incentives will push the entire global knowledge base to a new level. Users will be empowered with access to more useful, temporary information contributors are reasonably priced for their efforts. The Hut34 network is designed to provide utilities for end users, domain experts, bots and builder services, and IOT data providers, while also providing a valuable resource for business and marketing.

Hut34 works to minimize friction with connectors, easy and successful resolving questions and critical make it easy to monetize transaction information. The core concept involves networking participants though cottage and troubleshooting through intelligent routing and ranking. Each cabin on the network is a switch for the new, facilitating the connection, routing, ranking and monetization not only data, but information and knowledge. Similar to the TCP / IP router concept, sending and receiving traffic, but allowing each user the benefits of their contributions and data.

There are four features offered by Hut34, namely:

Monetise. This feature is used to provide users with access to the data, information and knowledge we have to deploy the expertise we have on one Hut34 platform.

Settlement. This feature is used to provide 3rd party services to rate answers returned to the network to generate answers to existing questions. This feature will provide successful resolution adding utilities, value for our services, and end customers.

Connection. This feature will make it easier for us to get quick service access to existing features and connected services such as Facebook, Skype and others in the Hut34 platform.

Plot. This feature will guide the user to customize the existing questions according to user needs.

Of course you will ask what would be the advantage if you join this ICO project Hun34? Of course the answer is very much, for spesasinnya Hut34 menbagi into four groups, namely:

1. End Users of the Service. The Hut34 network is designed to provide consumers with the information and services they want in the most convenient and user-friendly way. End-user users will find it easy to access every service available in this platform without the need to search for specific questions

2. Domain and Academic Experts. Connection to the Hut34 network allows experts in the domain field, or those with the knowledge to be able to disseminate their knowledge among users in a wide range of networks throughout the Hut34 network.

3. Bots and Builder Service. The Hut34 network empowers developers by providing access to a global network of information and users. This will support developers providing further channels to monetising their knowledge or services. By connecting to a network, developers can change their projects, processes, ideas or knowledge of a company that is distributed globally without being personally, enabling them to focus on their technical work. By developing collaboratively the usefulness of all connected network bots, developers can maximize user retention through minimizing situations where users are forced to go to other services.

4. Industry. The Hut34 network provides direct access to a large number of consumers, who can easily and automatically targeted by demographics, location, language and indigenous interests. Industries that are also connected with the Hut Network34 have access to a global expertise base for their own use. Employees can utilize the service provided network to increase productivity, or service customers can be improved by providing clients contextually relevant content, which is very important not necessarily generated by businesses from various industries.

Hut34 comes in the form of a digital currency named ENT. This ENT Token will go on sale on October 5, 2017. Sales are made for the 28 days of the preset period. The purchase of an ENT token can be done only with Ethereum and get the bonus according to the time that the team and the developer specify.

Hut34 is the result of teamwork in collaboration with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing experts and experienced in their respective fields. who strive to give their best abilities in this project. Among others :

Artificial intelligence or intelligence added to a system that can be arranged in a scientific context or Artificial Intelligence is defined as the intelligence of a scientific entity. Such systems are generally considered computers. Intelligence is created and inserted into a machine (computer) in order to do the work as humans can. Some fields that use artificial intelligence include expert systems, computer games (games), fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, robotics and special business in ICO this project.

Such is the Instant Info on the ICO of this project. For more information, please visit their official website below:

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