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"Multiversum" Blockchain Relational 4th Generation

Pioneers of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and various other types and branches based on the Proof of Work algorithm for transaction validation, are considered to be the first generation blockchain. The second generation, with Ethereum leading a sensible price on blockchains, is even a differentiator, giving the tokenisasi an easy asset to get. Both circuits have very low energy efficiency and medium to low block validation speeds on each transaction.

Solving the problem of scalability, speed, and power consumption is the goal of third-generation blockchain solutions, using different approaches and techniques such as Proof of Stake from an interest in full or partial algorithm, flow, graph, and parallelism beliefs.

The fourth generation will go far beyond this, trying to reach faster and more measurable solutions, at the same time, to be a competitor from a business perspective, simple data movement is not flexible enough to meet common needs, where complex data structures need to be organized into table (as in a relational database).

At the same time, the structure needs to be validated and made unchanged with blockchain techniques, improving tracking and security. In other words, fourth-generation blockchain brings this technology to a complete mainstream production application, and expands today's business-oriented offerings in data storage, application decentralization, auditing, security, and betting.

Multiversum offers complex data organization, not just data sequencing, chain separation and returns for greater scalability and parallelism, and the concept of validity of Integrity Evidence (ie, cryptographic proof of server code) rather than Proof of Work or Proof of Stake solutions there is.

In addition, Multiversum will feature the integration of ERC20 / ERC23, the freedom of coins and tokens from other solutions to be received on our watch or represented, with notary service as an external confirmation method. In addition, together with this innovation, we will of course use some good solutions that our colleagues have implemented from time to time.

Multiversum technology encourages the tradition of blockchain beyond the current limits, by increasing the data layer through self-verification and distributed structure of organized data entities, linked to each other by symbolic links. The technology sets the basis for a decentralized and distributed system that clearly and makes sense for self-verification: Multiversum blockchain.

Multiversum allows, instead of the existing simple blockchain data model, the creation of a Relational Crypto Database (a sophisticated and organized data storage solution) that can handle not only a single data type, but a series of data grouped in a complex graph of data structures linked to each other. Relationships for now become the first class of blockchain and are secured by cryptographic methods.

Each of them, when a status change is requested, will have a separate movement flow from the original branch, which will answer after the process, to be validated. Thus Multiversum is an evolving blockchain technology, offering unique features to address the inconvenience analyzed previously, by defining validation and crypto distribution techniques suitable for every environment: Administration, Industry, Finance and Governance.

One of Multiversum's main targets is to offer the market, at any time, the most evolved products available: the way it would be possible to adopt the AGILE4 software development methodology. The AGILE methodology itself shows a drastic reduction in the involvement of the original intent, in favor of experiencing price increases during the development of objectives, demonstrating unpredictable opportunities and threats, useful best practices and abandoning inadequate ones.

AGILE is an established software development standard and encourages developers, product owners and investors to consider project scope5 as flexible and easily customized to market needs. As well as AGILE provides an opportunity to offer to market the most innovative products at the time of delivery.

One of the strengths or advantages of this technology is certainly speed, thanks to its ability to run different transactions in parallel and the rejoin-split mechanism of our blockchain. These features allow for greater horizontal scalability, and increased transaction processing capacity add additional computing power to existing, making any data swelling calculated, based on performance.

Multiversum benefits from two special features to maximize system efficiency: The principal movement is able to optimize its structure by splitting independently across multiple subchains, according to requested resources and data flow, running parallelization across multiple threads and data swellings.

The process of splitting this movement is carried out until the normalization of the workload, when, still autonomously, the movement will become intact again. All of these are predicted because of a technique that allows each block of movement to validate two different moves from two different inbound links.

Data sharding6, a technique that allows the distribution of data between multiple nodes or swelling. With the ABC data series and the three Cluster nodes, we will have the following data distribution:

  • AB

  • BC

  • CA

The subdivision enables faster transaction processing speeds, as data queries will only impact sub-code swelling and optimize every step of the way. Another very important feature of our technology is High Availability7: the possibility of relying on a cluster type that ensures continuity of service even in the case of some network swelling congestion.

Using the previous example (A, B and C node), C should be offline, A and B will still operate, allowing continuity of service without losing data as much as 50% + 1 swelling remains in operation. In this way, in case of multiple swelling failures, the cluster will itself reset the data distribution communicate with each data swelling, until complete precast recovery.

Multiversum is also Environmentally Friendly: one of our main goals is to decrease the computational power required for cryptographic validation in order to avoid irregular (Proof of Work) wasting, wasting power and enormous resources. For past engineering, we apply the Proof of Integrity, a protocol that performs cryptographic validation by checking the authenticity of software that completes every transaction that occurs.

Multiversum, with its Crypto Relational Database can easily arrange without limitation any other data link. Each wallet will have a set of countries and will connect with someone (user); any new wallet status changes will include two data fields: in the previous status, to check for validation. The relationship to the last transaction (or the relationship of the main movements to the last) so that the relationship of a new status change will be known.

After the change occurs, transaction modifications will be added and the modified status relationship will answer back with the initial movement. Therefore, the new transaction will receive two hashes: one from the status relationship, one from the previous transaction, and in this way, all operations will validate the previous transaction associated with the transaction.

This powerful solution, capable of managing complex data streams, will enable people to apply all kinds of applications to our technology, ensuring institutional, government, financial and industry deployments worldwide, bringing the entire universe to blockchain one step ahead.

Multiversum comes in the form of a digital currency named MTV. MTV Tokens will go on sale from May 1, 2018 to June 10, 2018, at a price of 1 MTC equivalent to 1 USD. The token purchase itself can be done with foreign digial currency such as ETH, ETC, BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH. Do not forget, get also purchase bonuses at certain time period.

Multiversum itself is the result of teamwork led by Andrea Taini, in collaboration with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing professionals who are experienced and experienced in their respective fields. who strive to give their best abilities in this project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best benefits and services, to anyone interested in joining the project.

In addition Multiversum has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of 17 members of technology experts. Team members bring together expertise that gives them an in-depth understanding of the challenges many crypto companies face including legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

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