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"Tracoin" The First Global Market Place for Land Transport

Land Transportation is an essential part of human activity, and in many ways form the basis of all socio-economic interactions. Indeed, no two locations will interact effectively without a viable means of movement. In many developing countries, inadequate transport facilities are often the norm rather than the exception. Thus, a good transport system is essential to support economic growth and development. Land Transport is a crucial driver of economic and social development, bringing opportunities for the poor and enabling economies to be more competitive. 

Transport infrastructure connects people to jobs, education, and health services; it enables the supply of goods and services around the world; and allows people to interact and generate the knowledge and solutions that foster long-term growth. Rural roads, for example, can help prevent maternal deaths through timely access to childbirth-related care, boost girls’ enrollment in school, and increase and diversify farmers’ income by connecting them to markets. The sector is crucial to reducing poverty, boosting prosperity, and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, as transport is at the heart of critical development challenges:

As the developing world rapidly urbanizes, there is an opportunity to build safer, cleaner, more efficient and accessible transport systems that reduce congestion and pollution, facilitate access to jobs, and lower transport energy consumption. In emerging mid-size cities, where most of the new urban dwellers will live, city planners have an opportunity to design sustainable and inclusive transport systems from the start, leapfrogging more polluting and costly modes. In older or larger cities, technology and big data are helping better map travel patterns and needs, engaging citizens, and improving the quality and efficiency of transport solutions.

At the Climate Action Summit 2016, the World Bank Group president Jim Yong Kim, called for action to accelerate efforts to unify and transform the transport sector. He proposed to develop, with interested transport stakeholders, a new and strategic global initiative that will support the implementation of the SDGs and transform the sector. This announcement was welcomed by the now former Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon. Out of this call for action, “Sustainable Mobility for All” was born.

Tracoin is the first open source, peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency specifically tailored for the global land transport industry. Through the utilization of recent technological innovations, including blockchain technology and smart contracts, we have developed a model with the ability to overcome the majority of the challenges currently faced by the land transport industry. Furthermore, Tracoin plans to propose and implement additional measures that will significantly improve the efficiency of land transport services thus improving the users level of comfort and safety while using land transportation.

Tracoin strives to create a land transport industry community by rewarding people -who provide valuable contributions- with crypto-currency. Through this reward system, the land transport will see a rise in a currency that will be able to reach a broad market, including a vast number of people who have yet to participate in any cryptocurrency economy. The integration of blockchain and land transport companies is an extraordinary concept; one that requires the creation of a community in which transparency and shared responsibility can take place.

The Tracoin is a unique decentralized token with a core mission to improve the quality of land transport services worldwide, reduce land transport constraints and create a community base. The Tracoin Token was created to help assist in the development of the Market Place App with the above mentioned missions by giving power to the people. 

Tracoin focuses on developing Market Place App targeting different sectors of the Land Transport industry. Individuals who use and implement these tools will receive Tracoin Tokens as a reward, which they can use to pay for their transport service. The goal is to provide a solution and support for the land transport industry through a blockchain technology. Tracoin will be an e-commerce platform and utility token for the global land transport industry.

Tracoin Outstanding Features: Fast - One thing that sets TRACOIN apart from other digital currencies is its speed. Transaction confirmations occur within a few seconds. TRACOIN is even faster than Bitcoin! Our blockchain technology gives TRACOIN the ability to surpass Bitcoin and other digital currencies when it comes to the speed of money transactions.

Low Fees: In comparison with the cost that traditional payment methods may charge you, TRACOIN charges the most nominal of fess - it doesn't matter if you are sending a payment across town or across the world; Privacy Guarantee - All of your private data, including customer information, vendor information, transaction amounts, etc... is encrypted and stored on the blockchain to ensure absolute privacy.

High Level of Security: Tracoin's blockchain based infrastructure, coupled with high level encryption and optional 2FA, protects your personal data and your funds from all attacks; Simple - From desktop and mobile apps to debit cards, every aspect of the Tracoin ecosystem is designed for ease of use and flawless functionality to meet your money transaction demands. Whether you are a businessman, consumer, or individual desiring to transfer funds to an acquaintance, Tracoin is your best choice.

Tracoin Applications Advantage: Cashless Transactions - There is no more limit to carry foreign exchange to anywhere you go with Tracoin. No more worry about the exchange rate fees that you may be charged a lot, and many other expenses related to money exchange and transfer. Therefore, save your time, money, and of course, the less cash, the safer. Retail Stores and E-commerce - Business Retail store and e-commerce business owners can boost their sales and accelerate business growth thanks to Tracoin and our related apps. By integrating Tracoin with your online business and retailing stores, you can increase your reach to a global audience of prospective customers.

For Merchants - Tracoin offers access to one of the most convenient method of payment for consumers and merchants alike. Payments are fast, secure, and can can be made locally or internationally. One of the greatest challenges merchants face is growing their customer base. Tracoin solves that problem, giving merchants the ability to reach and accept payment from customers around the world. Tracoin can help leverage your business growth by provide you and your customers with the most timeand cost-saving money transaction method.

Powerful API for Payout Automation : If you desire to automate your payouts, Tracoin API is exactly what you need. Our system will provide you with an API so that you can connect with your customers, your suppliers and even your employees with the Tracoin network, making it convenient for all parties to send and receive payments.

Tracoin has comes in the form of a digital currency named TCN. The TCN Token will go on sale from May 12, 2018 until July 12, 2018, at a price of 1 TCN equivalent to 0.60 USD - 1.00 USD. The purchase of token itself can be done with foreign digial currency such as ETH dan BTC. Do not forget, get also purchase bonuses at certain time period.

Tracoin itself is the result of teamwork established by Andrew Portokallis and Nurudeen Momodu, DICE Money strives to provide their best capabilities in this project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best benefits and services, to anyone interested in joining the project.

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