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"AllStocks" The Future of Global Markets

Blockchain Technology is an open, decentralized technology that is used to record and store transactions using digital blocks. The blocks of Blockchain technology represent a publicly distributed database, and each block in the chain is a computer code containing such information as transaction history, certificate of authenticity, certificate of ownership, contracts, financial transactions and more; the blocks in the database connect to each other using digital chains. Blockchain technology grows bigger and bigger every day because more and more information is added to its blocks.

It was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto and was implemented later on in 2009. One of the most inventive outcomes of Blockchain technology is the creation of cryptocurrency or digital money; examples of such cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, etc. With cryptocurrencies, monetary transfers can happen rapidly and openly with a tamper-proof network – there has never been any reported case of hacking into the network. Some of the other features of Blockchain technology include peer-to-peer connection of nodes, cryptographically-enabled security, consensus mechanism, transparency, and data immutability.

Blockchain technology uses mathematical algorithms and complex functions to create a highly secured, distributed ledger system which enables transactions to take place without the approval of a third party or a central authority; hence, the title “decentralized technology.” With this next-gen technology, users do not know and do not need to know who is the anonymous user behind the node is, and there is no third party (such as banks) upon which to depend with the execution of transactions. With Blockchain technology, users do not need to wait for any third party for their transactions to be verified, confirmed and validated. After automatic validation of transactions, they are recorded in the distributed ledgers called Blockchains, and once recorded, the information cannot be altered.

Typically, each block contains transactional information, a hash pointer, and a time-stamp. The system adds new blocks through a process called mining. Every block contains some information (could be the aforementioned transactions) and is subject to the users’ verification and confirmation, and the users maintain a copy of the distributed ledger in their nodes. To use this system, all a user needs is simply a digital wallet. Today, Blockchain technology is taking the world by storm, and there is a lot of ongoing research in many fields for automation by using Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology eliminates the need for an intermediary across a wide array of industries and sectors. Because its use as a medium of payment is still debated in the bureaucratic level, its adoption has become a general challenge. These sorts of beurocratic debates about cryptocurrency have created some bottlenecks and challenges, making the technology less effective for conversion of traditional financial assets. There are great challenges converting cryptocurrency to fiat currency and vice versa with delays and large fees imposed on account holders by today’s deficient crypto exchanges, payment processors and financial institutions.

Volatility and lack of transparency are some of the flaws that have discouraged institutional investors and private individuals from participating in the crypto market. Moreover, crypto-investors and funds have also limited possibilities of transferring their crypto-investments into traditional holdings. Until more decentralized protocols are fully developed, the crypto-market faces enormous security and fraud risks due to unregulated exchanges, market risk that emanates from volatile cryptocurrency fluctuations beyond the exchanges’ architectural capacity and Initial Crowd Funding (ICF)-related risks that are locked in problematic crypto-contracts. In traditional world of finance, however, all of these operations are regulated, helping to manage such systemic risks.

The AllStocks network has been created as a distributed global stock exchange. The goal is to interact with the world. This platform will generate a digital currency, supported by real financial assets. This network will create a decentralized system, which will allow stakeholders to trade AST, which is the ERC20 token. Asset support will be stored in the escrow account. In addition, the network will allow users to beautify money like money and currency.

Allstocks Network will also expose a generic API interface, which will offer more facilities to develop tools and applications that will be used for investment, investment, and transactions through an AST token. Decentralized organizations, exposed to digital currencies, can protect them through stable assets. While this network will allow investors to manage diverse investments, it will also allow for companies to spend capital easily.

Allstocks will work in a useful way to store in blockchain. This data is usually transactional data and user balance. All other data in this network will be stored on the server. Convinced that there is an adoption of a fast, sophisticated CTT tool and a development environment has been designed. The table of contents must have Ethereum wallets. All smart contract CTTs will comply with the ERC20 standard. Thus, they will work perfectly in blockchain ethereum. When this is done, a smart contract will be used to process the CTT.

Any listed financial assets will provide a published CTT. The CTT smart contract will be ERC20 compliant. Thus, a shared CTT between users would be similar to ERC20 token transfers between wallets. This is a working CTT job; a decentralized stock exchange will be created. The goal is to ensure the smooth functioning of this smart contract. This ensures that there is rapid adoption of CTT as hedging as well, various libraries and code templates will be available for application developers. ICO for this project will commence on May 1 and end on 30 June.

Asset-backed tokens have various uses. Let's discuss this usage briefly: Traditional to digital exchange: They are able to provide facilities for investment with investors. This is a traditional digital device Platform for investment: In addition, commodities and market instruments can be deposited into AllStocks and sold. Token Protection: Organizations can buy CTT money market and store it with full transparency. Global Transfer: The AllStocks Platform can also provide features that have all the features compatible: transfer, global, freedom, stability, and transfer convenience. When the token of the AllStocks Network has all the qualities, they will be able to offer services like payment, remittance and more.

What needs to be known are the facts that are in the network and nothing else to ensure that, achieved, and financial assets held by ALLSTOCKS in escrow accounts at famous banks such as JP Morgan Chase (JPM), Goldman Sachs (GS ), Morgan Stanley (MS), Credit Suisse (DHY) and others. Indeed, investing in the ALLSTOCKS Network is a smart outcome.

Noteworthy is the fact that all investments in the AllStocks Network are maintained and secure because there are stampers to ensure that, achieved, and real financial assets held by ALLSTOCKS in escrow accounts at well-known banks such as JP Morgan Chase (JPM), Goldman Sachs ( GS), Morgan Stanley (MS), Credit Suisse (DHY) and others. Indeed, investing in the ALLSTOCKS Network is a smart decision.

As previously described, the AllStocks Network is strong, secure, decentralized and promising. All of these positive things are possible with ALLSTOCKS Network modeling itself, its infrastructure, its regulation and implementation, and its decentralized operations. Noteworthy is that this procedure is comprehensive and tedious, but it must be done carefully to boast stakeholders of Allstocks all-stocks.net January 2018 platform to be comfortable investing.

Once these critical components work in harmony, they will provide a blockchain platform that can create revolutions in global stock markets and assets. Do not just read it, save the preferred launch date and act now.

AllStocks comes in the form of a digital currency named AST. The AST token will go on sale from April 15, 2018 to July 30, 2018, at a price of 1 AST equivalent to 00016 ETH. The purchase of token itself can be done with foreign digial currency such as Ethereum. Do not forget, get also purchase bonuses at certain time period.

AllStocks itself is the result of teamwork in pimpim by Elad Aharon, AllStocks strives to provide their best capabilities in this project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best benefits and services, to anyone interested in joining the project. AllStocks is led by a team of experts with backgrounds in finance, commerce, blockchain, investment banking, AI, big-data, and fintech.

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