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"APIS" Advanced Property Investment System

Masternodes are "servers" in cryptocurrency networks that transmit transactions and processes. The most common characteristic of masternode is that users can save their money in "product masternode" and get the result of the cryptocurrency form they invest. Measures the sum based on the method and each coin itself with different payment periods.

This makes the masternode a means to generate "passive income" from cryptocurrency without having to run expensive mining equipment or having to actively invest in the exchange. To create a masternode, the user only needs certain coins. Users can then set up a server to host masternode or service provider to assist on their behalf.

Coin mining can be divided into two different methods: POW (Proof-of-Work) and POS (Proof-of-Stake). POW is a system where the higher reserve money, so much can be found for more coins. There is also the concept of "difficulty" to keep the block-generation time. The difficulty of increasing total hash total and more hash is needed to find more blocks with the problem, which causes block builders to remain constant.

However, this POW method has some limitations. On the economic side, there are cost issues such as high electricity costs, high cost of expensive equipment (ASIC, GPU, etc.) and their maintenance, as well as problems and the centralization of the monopoly hash. For most coins, POW methods have been picked in the past and the most common ones are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

POS is a method used to trace POW, ie problems caused by hash monopoly and high costs for equipment purchases and maintenance. For POS, the higher the size for the whole coin, the higher the amount spent. In other words, the "hash" role in the POW method à with the "peg" role in the POS method.

More simply, it can be understood as similar to bank interest. In addition, POS methods can also be accessed with money that is only with some documents stored in it. In recent years, coins based on the POS method have increased and some have also changed from the POW method to the POS method. Ethereum is a perfect example of this.

Masternodes include mining through the POS method. In the case of mining, the measurement of time corresponds to mining difficulties, and the mining results also change according to the number of methods formed in the blockchain. In general, the masternode coin is a hybrid in the existing sense of the POW and POS methods. They will use the POW method to a certain block and then move on to the POS method after that.

The APIS Platform (also called "The APIS Core") is Ethereum's ethnically based eternal mediation platform aimed at helping individual investors and companies invest in the desired method easily and effectively. It supports PCs (personal computers) and mobile devices, giving users the opportunity to generate stable returns and enjoy more of the benefits of cryptocurrency easily. This section explains the importance of APIS Inti along with the use and innovative official coins of "APIS (Advanced Property Investment System)", named after the ancient Egyptian bull god.

The masternode core is a distributed database consisting of advanced encryption technology for managing APIS user APIS user reports, sharing and trade records on the platform. The individual participant's wallet information is stored securely in the form of a Ethereum-based blockchain that also ensures system stability and asset protection through systemic backup and recovery of data. Information The methods already entered on the platform will be accessible in the future through the API and SDK to be provided and all data communications will be encrypted as well. Through this process, we can strengthen the scalability of the APIS mediation platform.

APIS Core manages user information as well as APIS assets and provides all core functions that correlate with the inner core. APIS Core is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchain program that can be linked to various platforms such as Ethereum or Qtum and using POS methods. APIS Core supports multiple Operating Systems (OS) such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

When users transfer other cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) to APIS Core, they receive the same converted APIS coins, meaning all investments in this platform are made in APIS currency and ready to invest in the desired masternodes via the APIS function Core. Once the investment ends, the investor can receive their rewards according to their share / contribution. 5% of the company interest generated from APIS mediation mediation platform will be donated to the foundation of programming and blockchain development to improve current poor development conditions.

The core APIS is a proprietary program that supports investments in various cryptocurrency masternodes, investing in APIS methods, APIS coin fees, APIS coin deposits and APIS coin withdrawals. The role of the "selection of masternode" function is to let the user identify certain conditions of conditions such as ROI, technology, and the price required to form the masternode. After the user selects the masternode to invest from the APIS Inti's list, the user can send some of his APIS coins to the desired method.

APIS aims for different operating policies of the existing masternode coins. In the case of APIS, we adopted a hierarchical operating system by differentiating the rate of return in accordance with the amount of investment made in the APIS masternation. In addition, by applying Parallel Technology Masternodes, POS Algorithm, we will realize 1 PC - Multi Masternodes, but not 1 PC - 1 Masternode.

The main purpose of APIS is to "lower the entry barrier of cryptocurrency for everyone to join". To enable this, we will begin by achieving the following: Smart Contracts on the Canvas Because simple bitcoin scripts evolve into smart contracts with Ethereum, the use of cryptocurrency also extends to areas including ICO funding, token publishing, identity verification, and storage services cloud.

Address Masking - The Use of Public and Private Keys in cryptocurrency is innovative in a security perspective, but real written addresses such as hexadecimal addresses are almost impossible to use without copying and pasting, not to mention remembering. It is no exaggeration to say that user convenience does not include the highest priority when cryptocurrency addresses are developed.

Mineral Systems - Most of the existing crypto currencies on the market today have a small cost to use the resources needed to transfer currency or smart contract initiation. This fee is assigned to the node of creating a new block as a gift block, thus providing incentives to the people who are running the node to continue running it. However, most 18 cryptocurrency users are rarely involved in returning blocks, so the cost usually comes as a load of cryptocurrency usage, not a gain. Although the cost is small, every transaction costs money.

APIS comes in the form of a digital currency named APIS. The APIS Token will go on sale from March 4, 2018 to April 3, 2018, at the price of 5,000 APIS equivalent to 1 QTUM. The token purchase itself can be done with foreign currency such as BQTUM and ETH. Do not forget, get also purchase bonuses at certain time period.

APIS itself is the result of teamwork led by Mizushima Ryota, APIS strives to provide their best capabilities in this project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best benefits and services, to anyone interested in joining the project.

The APIS team will spend most of the funds raised in developing the system and strengthen members such as the Development, Production, Operation and Maintenance Team, the Android / ios team, the APIS Community Team and the Web, the Test / Management / Maintenance Team, the Big Data Statistics Team and Team Design. Through this, we will ensure our platforms: - Security - Scalable design with easy maintenance - Reliable professional operation and maintenance team.

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