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"GLITZKOIN" Decentralized Diamond Industry Platform

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Diamonds are all about glitter, glamor and prestige, they symbolize luxury and luxury. Transactions in the diamond industry are made through personal contact, the parties involved try to judge each other and move forward into the business process. It's true to say that you should appreciate a diamond dealer before appreciating the diamond. And even after applying the most diligent evaluation, there is plenty of room for guessing and misunderstanding.

Blockchain technology and Crypto currency change the world and the industry Diamond is no exception. Despite several new-born efforts, no blockchain ecosystem that focuses on the diamond industry has been designed that covers a variety of problems faced by the industry. The need for transparency, visibility and objectivity in the diamond industry was felt several decades ago. The need for person-to-person contact when processing diamond purchases or sales limits the size of the market.

Diamond is one of Africa's major natural resources, and especially Africa. It is estimated that rough diamonds worth US $ 15 billion are produced annually, with approximately US $ 8.5 billion coming from Africa (about 65%). The diamond industry employs about ten million people worldwide, either directly or indirectly, across the various spectrum roles from mining to retail. Global diamond jewelry sales have continued to grow, tripling in the last 25 years, and currently worth more than $ 79 billion annually.

GLITZKOIN is a blockchain-based project that intends to revolutionize the diamond industry by utilizing smart contracts and machine learning. This startup is run by a team of experts from disturbing the diamond mining sector and blockchain technology experts.

The GLITZKOIN platform will bring together all stakeholders involved with diamond trading, from mining to final sales. This will significantly improve the efficiency of transactions in this sector.

In addition, integrated blockchain is specifically made for the diamond sector. It combines well distributed public and private ledgers to build hybrid models that offer more transparency than normal structures. Other benefits of GLITZKOIN blockchain include privacy, usability, infinity and compatibility with third-party applications.

The main purpose of global GLITZKOIN exchange is to combine the use of digital currency in the existing diamond sector. This revolutionary idea will allow investors to liquidate their diamonds as they do on other financial assets. However, unlike other assets, this exchange ensures transparency and security throughout the transaction.

Specifically, all transactions on the GLITZKOIN platform are validated using a smart contract. The contract is based on Stellar Blockchain, which facilitates the processing of multiple requests per minute while charging at an affordable cost.

GLITZKOIN will keep a record of all physical and digital assets in its blockchain database. Regarding diamonds, the platform will ensure outstanding features, history, and ownership. This data will be digitally stored in distributed beer, where it can be accessed to validate the authenticity of the asset and its origin.

The GLITZKOIN ecosystem is a collection of services that work together to leverage the seamless experience for players in diamond mining and processing industries. In addition, it also provides the basis for the development of related applications. It consists of: GLITZKOIN Wallet - this is the platform where users manage their coins and validate transactions; GLITZKOIN API - third-party applications can integrate GLITZKOIN services into their platforms using project APIs; GLITZKOIN Merit Engine - upon completion of token sales, GLITZKOIN will launch a loyalty reward system based on achievement score.

GLITZKOIN's vision for the diamond industry, GLITZKOIN seeks to build a blockchain-based open ecosystem for the diamond industry where all diamond trading can be done and coordinated. GLITZKOIN is a global startup that uses the latest technology, including blockchain, smart contracting, and machine learning to help reduce risk and fraud for banks, insurance companies and open markets in the gem and precious stone industry. We provide a full ecosystem for the diamond industry from supply chain solutions, to track & certify diamonds and ultimately a decentralized exchange for diamond trade and related services.

GLITZKOIN has begun to bring transparency and simplicity to the diamond industry. It integrates the conventional diamond industry with the latest decentralized internet value system. Evaluation and assessment will no longer be consistent with conjecture and guesswork. GLITZKOIN seeks to transform the diamond industry by reducing barriers, improving coordination, and instilling trust in cross-border transactions for the diamond industry.

GLITZKOIN focuses on integrating the best features of the conventional diamond industry with the latest blockchain, utility and functionality technologies. GLITZKOIN combines privacy, accessibility, and security to create enterprise-ready applications. Blockchain technology currently does not meet industry needs because Transaction data is entirely public and network security is often uncertain.

GLITZKOIN comes in the form of a digital currency named Glitzkoin. Glitzkoin Tokens will go on sale on March 16, 2018 until June 25, 2018, at a price of 1 Glitzkoin equivalent to 0.16 USD. The token purchase itself can be done with foreign currency such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM). Do not forget, get also purchase bonuses at certain time period.

GLITZKOIN itself is the result of teamwork in pimpim by Navneet Goenka, GLITZKOIN strives to provide their best capabilities in this project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best benefits and services, to anyone interested in joining the project.

GLITZKOIN has been designed and manufactured by a team of highly experienced technology experts. Team members bring together expertise that gives them an in-depth understanding of the challenges many crypto companies face including legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

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