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"Globatalent" Blockchain Platform to Decentralize Sports

The sports industry is "different". This allows the entire community's desire to be free and share life's moments with their fans, and allow experience rarely found in other industries. However, many clubs and athletes will never achieve the goal of training, because of financial problems. The sports world, as we know it, needs change. Economic needs should not stop young talents from sports development organizations and should be empowered financially to enable freedom from all talents in the world.

Around the world, there are so many missing clubs and talented athletes who have never reached their highest potential due to inadequate economic support, and they have only one option: to quit their sports careers and surrender their dreams. Today, clubs and athletes have different ways to get financial support. Their revenues usually arise from TV broadcasting rights, tickets, sponsorship, business openness, prize money, and other small revenue sources.

However, many clubs are experiencing considerable difficulties, from an economic point of view, because their cash flow is not enough to support their financial needs because of the high salaries and high interest paid to divide the parts of the money they earn. The rights of sponsors, transfer rights and many other rights currently involved in the sport are dependent on the organization or agency only. To transfer football players, there are only a few agents or agents that control almost 100% of the market.

In football, examples of problems that exist today are the sharing of funds and other investors have lent money to several clubs to buy players over the past few years. This investor ethic is considered controversial because it sometimes forces the club to sell players just because they want to recover their investments faster, even though that is not a good strategic decision. On the other hand, the same investor can lend millions to other clubs. Just imagine the UEFA Champions League Final where the best players on both teams are funded by the same investment source? This can lead to unfair influence from team results and match results.

Trouble with athletes, A young tennis player with a lot of talent needs economic support to get ATP Top 100 or Top 50. In the early stages when they are fourteen or fifteen, they have to travel all over the world to earn ATP Points that allow them to enter the ATP list.

However, what happens if gifted youth do not have the economic support to explore science around the world? Young players are unlikely to achieve their sporting goals. If they are lucky, the investment company can support them in return for 30% or 60% of their future earnings from the money earned, so take advantage of young talents who are vulnerable and dependent their finances later.

Globatalent believes in a decentralized world and Globatalent wants to do the same for the sports industry. Globatalent is a decentralized market where investors and enthusiasts can invest in clubs or players and earn returns by buying and selling benefits for the future as well as being guaranteed by their image rights, player transfers, prize money, salaries, tickets, TV contracts or other revenues that they accept.

Fans from around the world will be able to invest even the smallest amount of money for the club or athletes they want and so investments are related to future earnings that can be generated by clubs or players. Globatalent has worked collectively for over 50 years in the sports industry and they are aware of the obstacles and disappointments behind the obscure story in the sports industry. We want to help revolutionize the global sports industry through decentralization.

In addition, Globatalent is a public blockchain project, will be responsible for ensuring and implementing all fair-play commitments and encouraging fair sports industry to promote values ​​such as sacrifice, commitment, fair-play, effort, perseverance, determination, discipline, and honesty. Not to forget, Globatalent will develop a way that will allow clubs or players to sell their rights (sports rights, images, and future earnings) to their fans. Clubs and players can be funded by the sale of some of their future earnings and enable them to continue their career or season on an ongoing basis.

Globatalent will reduce the cost of the club to buy new player rights because they do not need to work under the terms of investment funds. It will help young athletes to connect directly with their fans and enable them to receive financial support to continue their careers and that will create stronger ties between their fans and sports stars or favorite clubs.

The Globatalent platform will reduce the cost of the club to buy new player rights because they do not have to work under the provisions of venture reserves. This will help young competitors to coordinate with their fans and enable them to get budget help to continue with their calls. This will create a stronger bond between fans and the stars and game clubs they love the most.

Using Globatalent Smart Contracts of various types, the Globatalent Platform will empower and enhance sponsorship. For example, investing using the Globatalent Smart Contract where an athlete, club, or other sports organization offers a long-term agreement to stakeholders by "trusting" part of their future income or other income in exchange for upfront investment.

The Globatalent Platform will allow game groups around the world to get financial help to bear their training, advance a more solid way of life, and throw out the capacity of outsiders to exploit clubs and competitors that have budgetary needs. Not to forget Globatalent will also help the global sports community get financial support to continue their activities, foster a healthier lifestyle, and eliminate third parties who usually take advantage of clubs or athletes who have financial needs.

Globatalent comes in the form of a digital currency named GBT. GBT Tokens will go on sale from June 18, 2018 to June 30, 2018, at a price of 1 GBT equivalent to 0.07 USD. The token purchase itself can be done with foreign digial currency such as ETH. Do not forget, get also purchase bonuses at certain time period.

Globatalent itself is the result of teamwork in pimpim by Sunil Bhardwaj, Globatalent strives to provide their best capabilities in this project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best benefits and services, to anyone interested in joining the project.

Globatalent has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of 17 members of technology experts. Team members bring together expertise that gives them an in-depth understanding of the challenges many crypto companies face including legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

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