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"SaTT" The Future Of Ad Intelligen

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By studying the 4 million pages that use our app, all of our customers share the same goal, maximizing their penetration and brand awareness, products, services, news and promotional offers. We decided to provide services to make the interaction of online marketing tools more transparent (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat ...).

Until now, this is all done by humans in the agency. They hold the cards. The opportunity is clear: create a secure ad bidding index! While looking for the best solution, we realize blockchain will be perfect for our needs. It is a decentralized and distributed database that ensures data integrity and transactions. We will use it to securely store data and verify payment once the terms of the contract are met. This allows us to offer powerful and reliable tools to the development community to take care of advertiser / publisher relationships.

How can they measure the return on investment in the current environment? Accurate data for evaluating the effectiveness of digital actions relating to campaign objectives in terms of brand impact (awareness, memorization, brand preference ...) and / or performance (increased traffic, online sales, offline sales, generation opportunities or leads ... ). Media buying strategies and communications budgets based on Web contribute evaluations of media plans (target coverage, message repetition, media complementarity).

Community involvement through content creation, participation in branding and social media outreach. Accurate data around that determines the engagement and interaction, intimacy and influence of clients. Understand customer knowledge, needs, and expectations. Qualify prospects from third-party behavior data, tools and databases to generate business opportunities. Advertisers, as needed (to increase brand awareness, generate traffic, gain leads or even expand their sales) will choose a payment mode for their publishers.

SaTT is a utility token that allows users to pay for advertising services offered by ATAYEN, Inc. ATAYEN, Inc. is an American company that specializes in the development of applications dedicated to business pages on Facebook or other social media networks. SaTT is built on the Ethereum blockchain technology, which is fast, secure, cost-effective, and diverse to enable the distribution of rewards in the internet traffic market evenly. This is because all the obstacles placed by centralized intermediaries are removed.

Tokens are governed by decentralized and distributed smart contracts, which are responsible for listing all ad offers in addition to the information stored safely within the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain includes all the latest offers that allow any API or platform to perform its operations such as posting to create an ad oracle directory.

Through its smart contract, SaTT will provide solutions to some of the key challenges facing the internet advertising industry such as how to recruit and validate ad campaign partners, quantify ad campaign results, fraud, and high costs that arise in the traditional advertising agency interface. it is necessary to participate in a campaign to monitor the success of the campaign through quantification and to ensure payment of the issuer. Users can search for ads through custom APIs.

Transactions through smart contracts of SaTT are validated only if certain conditions have been met. They include: If the affiliate meets the criteria, age, gender, audience or city; An ad publisher has launched a specified and oracle ad campaign returning a yield statistic; The automatic transaction execution takes place immediately after oracle returns statistics and the number of SaTT is transferred to the publisher.

SaTT provides a user-friendly, powerful, and fast tool for advertisers who want to maximize their message penetration. It identifies the most appropriate communication medium, the best potential partner, and facilitates the broadcasting of advertisements according to the advertiser's performance goals. SaTT will also assist publishers in identifying content for their lucrative and relevant audiences.

SaTT will have PayBySaTT functionality installed in the app store, which will make the SaTT liquid. This app will enable SaTT holders to purchase exclusive products or services using SaTT and attend or organize events provided to SaTT holders.

The advantages you get on this platform include: Decentralization - SaTT smart contract is decentralized because of the smart contract it uses. This allows developers to create custom tools such as a SaTT-compatible campaign creation tool or statistical interface; Transparency - Through blockchain, the technology used by SaTT to implement transparency of billing and payment data is guaranteed, since counterfeiting is not possible.

Safe - In case of hacking or malfunctioning, advertisers and their campaigns are not affected because blockchain technology ensures that advertisers and campaigns are not connected; Statistics - Smart contracts SaTT communicates with third parties to measure the performance of a particular campaign and identify transaction costs.

There will not be a lot of Crypto functional currency for the advertising industry. To have the ambitious means of SaTT ensure the success of projects that should benefit from a great promotion for adoption, a qualified and highly cost effective technical team, to be able to finance the listing fee on the exchange but also the ability to cover the costs of international licenses associated with the regulation. All this is very expensive. We also plan to launch a research and development department to study the opportunities of creating the SaTT protocol itself.

SaTT comes in the form of a digital currency named SaTT. The SaTT Token will go on sale from May 1, 2018 to July 1, 2018, at a price of 1 SaTT equivalent to 0.42 USD. The token purchase itself can be done with foreign currency such as BTC and ETH. Do not forget, get also purchase bonuses at certain time period.

SaTT itself is the result of teamwork co-chaired by HGauthier Bros., SaTT strives to provide their best capabilities in this project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best benefits and services, to anyone interested in joining the project.

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