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"Nebula Exchange" Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trade Qualifie

Today, all cryptocurrency exchanges mainly provide access to just price and volume data. Although these are available at varying degrees of sophistication, with some exchanges giving a deeper view to their orderbook than others and some providing access to graphics with inbuilt tools, the responsibility is on the users to perform their own analysis with the trading data available at exchange.

The main problem is that most trade decisions are not made in a vacuum. To take a position, most investors want to combine the technical data they get from exchange with at least some if not all of the following: Market sentiment on a particular trading partner. News about specific trading partners; Macroeconomic display in altcoin / cryptocurrency markets; Analyst reports or price targets by other known merchants; Clarity about security token.

Most companies that have tokens maintain their presence on multiple platforms including GitHub, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc. While everything attracts different types of crowds, they are relatively easy for investors to take advantage of market sentiment insights. What most fails is to provide a complete picture. The most active person on this platform is invested in the project and biased towards its success or is in some ways dissatisfied with it and biased towards its failure. What investors do in their research can not hear is the opinion of other investors on the sideline that for one reason whether or not planning plans to buy this token.

Projects in this space make timely announcements on one or more of the social media platforms in which they are active. These are then extracted and shared by crypto media and individuals who see it first. The problem here is two fold; first it's tracking. To be one of the first to hear the news and get in on the initial pricing action, investors must be active on multiple platforms, when you combine this with some projects that investors might be interested in, it becomes an impossible task. to stay on top of all outlets.

Secondly, when this news reaches investors through media or other individuals, it is no longer filtered and often brings bias from journalists. These factors combine with fake news issues or under-researched, third-party announcements that might affect safety, pumps and disposal etc. make this a very noisy space.

As we have seen through boom and bust cycles in the crypto market, individual token prices react strongly to the overall industry outlook. At this point there are various industry experts and media outlets that track the industry and keep us all updated with how blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are being formed.

Unfortunately, they can also be biased and misleading investors. It is not uncommon to read articles praising the project from crypto media outlets that are known only to know it is sponsored by the project or to see industry experts promoting the project while also being an advisor to it. While we do not imply that this alone discredited the project, it is still important for investors to know this when making investment decisions based on it.

Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, etc. are all lit 24/7 with price and analysis targets from self-proclaimed experts. Many of them have large followers with many followers who reflect the trades they express themselves. There are some major flaws in this practice which unfortunately left many new investors burned. First, there is no accountability or traceability because no records are kept from claims or targets shared by experts in social media.

Second, there is no place to compare the targets or opinions of various experts. Lastly, there is no clear timeline for this price target which often makes followers of such experts struggling themselves when they unwittingly lead to the pump and throw away some sort of scheme.

Although not related to the issues discussed earlier, ambiguity surrounding security tokens and the lack of progress made by exchange in their favor or educating their users about them may be one of the biggest problems that disrupt the current crypto trading ecosystem.

The Exchange Nebula is designed as an exchange whose purpose is to offer support to digital currencies that have difficulties registered elsewhere. The exchange was launched towards the end of February with a new and innovative reputation system.

The Nebula cost only costs 0.1 percent and the cost of a small taker combined with an affordable listing fee. The Nebula Exchange is eyeing to take over the niche market of projects that have been orphaned due to lack of funding in the past two years.

The Nebula Exchange also features a reputation system, which will allow users and merchants to assess projects. This system will work in the same way as items are usually assessed on e-commerce sites like Amazon. Fraud, pumps and disposal, unprofitable projects, and projects without a clear business plan will get poor ratings. This will help the common traders and newcomers have an easy way to separate the chaff from the grain.

When a project gets a high ranking, it will be rewarded by getting a spot on the front page of this exchange. The result is that it will get better exposure to investors and traders who capitalize on the exchange. To display this exchange, a large nebula cloud, which will have the logo of the top 20 exchanges, will be displayed on the front page.

There is a lot of criticism from the world of global crypto coins for a very restrictive exchange of their legal structure and enlistment. However, the Nebula is not one of these companies. Exchange is a fully qualified KYC company, registered in Singapore with the ChainTrade Company. ChainTrade already has a functioning commercial business, allowing commodity trading in blockchain such as production and raw materials.

Given the recent exchange of crypts with some hacking led to the loss of more than $ 500 million, the Nebula has some very tight security measures. It has implemented a multi-signature system, which will ensure that funds from users are operated. They also operate cold storage purses, which store offline funds.

The Exchange Nebula is a unique, centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that combines a state-of-the-art trading platform with news, technical analysis, user reviews and P2P messages to provide a one-stop community centered trading solution. We believe that in the early stages of the cryptocurrency market is, traders, especially new ones, need more than just price and volume information to make decisions and Nebula Exchange will be the solution. We also strive to be one of the first exchanges to provide support for security tokens.

Following the wave of phishing, malware, and cyber attacks on leading exchanges, security is the first thing for any trader who thinks and rightly so. At Nebula, we have the following steps to maintain the security of our users' funds: DDoS Protection from Cloudflare; The password is combined with 2-Factor Authentication for login and withdrawal. The combination of Multi Signature Hot and Cold Wallets will be used to ensure that user funds remain safe and accessible; Audit all smart contracts. Security Audit and Penetration Testing by leading security consultants.

The Exchange Nebula will use the large amount of funds collected during ICO to:. Obtain the necessary license to register the security token from the relevant regulator. Set KYC and the accreditation process thoroughly. Expand geographically and add FIAT pairs. For example, KRW, JPY Nebula Exchange understands that it is impossible for one player to build an entire securities ecosystem that reflects the traditional equity settlement system as discussed above.

That's why the Exchange Nebula works with other projects, such as Polymath, who are active in this space to determine how we can work together to create a suitable settlement system for security tokens while relying on their respective strengths. At any time, we intend to comply with all terms of the regulations that apply to us directly or indirectly.

The Nebula Exchange comes in the form of a digital currency named NESC. NESC tokens will be sold at a price of 1 NESC equivalent to 0.40 USD. The token purchase itself can be done with foreign currency such as BTC and ETH. Do not forget, get also purchase bonuses at certain time period.

The Nebula Exchange itself is the result of teamwork done by Vincent Jacques, Nebula Exchange strives to provide their best capabilities in this project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best benefits and services, to anyone interested in joining the project.

This article is made based on personal views, related to investing it would be good to do the analysis first. Each type of investment must have risks depending on the scale or size of the investment and good not the concept. For more information please visit their official website below:

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